Help a SMALL business do BIG things!! We need YOUR help to get the word out about Kraven’s Comic Books and Collectibles! We are starting a street team that will work together in unison to promote our brand and assist in driving traffic to us!! We will offer several sign up slots DAILY with what needs to be done for those who would like to promote for and with us! Those chosen for the day will be given the opportunity to make some fast cash! This is a GREAT, easy way to pocket some cash with no investment, nearly no effort, time or travel involved AND help establish a family owned and operated company in the comic book community!

-Facebook Account with at least 1,000 friends.
-Facebook Account with heavy comic/collectibles user base.

-Invite your friends to our events.
-Share out our event links.
-Invite your friends to like our page.
-Share out our like page.
-Invite your friends to join our site.
-Share out our website link.

-Get paid DAILY! – $5.00 for a few clicks!!
-Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp payments!
-Potentially earn over $100 a month just clicking buttons!

-5% Discount on all merchandise and services.
-Street Teamer bonus books on ALL orders.
-Exclusive offers for Street Teamers ONLY!

All you have to do is send a screenshot that you sent the invites! We can check to see the links were shared or posted ourselves to save you time. It is simple as that! Click a few buttons, make a few dollars, help a small company! If this sounds like something that interests you Just let us know your preferred method of payment along with payment info and we will add you to the team! From that point you will be given a link to a spreadsheet that we will update daily with the tasks that need to be taken care of and we will assign those duties on a first come first serve basis! After the duties are done for the day, get paid, super easy!

Already a street teamer? Click HERE to sign up daily for street teamer tasks!

Already a street teamer? Click HERE to view the official street team daily tasks!